Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024

2024 is shaping up to be a HUGE year for indie games, with so many new, original titles, as well as much-anticipated sequels coming our way. It was almost painful trying to condense our list of games that we’re most excited for this year down to just 10! (Well, ok, we cheated a bit… there’s a bonus 11th top pick at the end. Shhhh don’t tell!!)

Note: Most of these games don’t have a concrete release day that has been announced yet. However, we did verify that each of them has been confirmed by either their Steam store page or in interviews with the developers to be slated for a 2024 release. We’ll update the info below to the official dates as they become available.

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Despelote

10. Despelote

Emily’s Pick

“The team behind Despelote describes it as ‘a soccer game about people,’ which I find really touching. This game takes place in Quito, Ecuador in 2001 when the Ecuadorian national team was about to qualify for the World Cup. As someone who feels a deep emotional connection to soccer, I love the idea of a community’s story being told through this lens. The stylized graphics are incredibly striking (no pun intended) and I cannot wait to get swept away with soccer fever in Despelote.”

Developed by Julián Cordero and Sebastián Valbuena and published by Panic

Release Date: 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Simpler Times

9. Simpler Times

Kate’s Pick

“In Simpler Times, you play as Taina, a young woman who is preparing to move out of her childhood home for the first time. This interactive life sim is full of moments that are meant to be replayed like our most precious memories and favorite songs, as we move through each season of the year. I love that each object in the game is connected to a different story. I played the demo and it made me feel incredibly warm and fuzzy! My fellow Unpacking fans might really love this one, and you can play the demo on steam now!”

Developed by stoneskip and published by iam8bit

Release Date: 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Summerhouse

8. Summerhouse

Emily’s Pick

“Summerhouse is a creative building game steeped in nostalgia for long summer afternoons. Players craft small neighborhoods with a lived-in feel that reflect the seaside, mountain and countryside communities that serve as destinations for those quiet, relaxed summer vacations that I personally associate with my childhood. I’m looking forward to the chill memories and vibes that Summerhouse is surely going to bring back as I play.”

Developed by Friedemann and published by Future Friends Games

Release Date: 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Hyper Light Breaker

7. Hyper Light Breaker

Kate’s Pick

“Described as an ‘open world rogue-lite’ this game takes place in the colorful and surprising world of Hyper Light. Heart Machine is offering single play or online co op for this new infinite world adventure. This game is offering so many elements that I love (combat, hoverboards, online multiplayer!) and I’m looking forward to diving in with friends on release day!”

Developed by Heart Machine and published by Gearbox Publishing

Release Date: early 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Luto

6. Luto

Emily’s Pick

“Luto is a ‘psychological horror narrative experience’ in the tradition of games like Layers of Fear and Visage. The player explores what starts out as a seemingly unremarkable family home, facing twists and turns as the home transforms slowly into a hellish prison from which there appears to be no escape. The Luto demo, available on Steam, is one of the most impactful game demos that I played in 2023 and I can’t wait to return to the nightmare later this year.”

Developed by Broken Bird Games and published by Selecta Play

Release Date: Q2 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Europa

5. Europa

Kate’s Pick

“Europa is an exploration 3D Platformer that will give you some serious studio Ghibli vibes. Personally, I love planets and astrology (Shout out to Jupiter!) so exploring one of Jupiter’s moons in video game format is a concept I could only dream of! In Europa, you play as an android named Zee who works to uncover the story of the last human alive as you explore the lush landscape of Europa.”

Developed by Helder Pinto and published by Future Friends Games

Release Date: April 16, 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Another Crab's Treasure

4. Another Crab’s Treasure

Emily’s Pick

“I recently got the opportunity to play Kena: Bridge of Spirits, which was my first exposure to souls-like combat, and I loved every second of it. I’m so excited for Another Crab’s Treasure’s colorful and cheeky take on the souls-like genre! I got to play the demo during the Fall of 2023 and was immediately hooked. The element of switching stats and combat abilities by switching your crab’s shells is so clever and makes for both fun and flexible gameplay, allowing the player to tailor their experience to their own play style.”

Developed and published by Aggro Crab

Release Date: 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Snufkin

3. Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley

Kate’s Pick

“The demo for Snufkin Melody of Moomin Valley was incredibly polished and a joy to play! I’ve been patiently awaiting this musical adventure game since the 2022 Wholesome Direct. Play as Snufkin as you meet unique characters and utilize music and nature to help restore peace to Moominvalley.”

Developed by Hyper Games and published by Raw Fury

Release Date: Q1 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Baladins

2. Baladins

Emily’s Pick

“I like to think of Baladins as ‘Baldur’s Gate 3 meets Paper Mario.’ Inspired by tabletop roleplaying games, it bills itself as ‘choose-your-own-story game for players of all ages and experience levels.’ The world is bright and vibrant, the dialogue is tongue-in-cheek and I was utterly delighted by the game demo. Even better, Baladins will feature both online and couch co-op, along with a variety of playable character classes, for an engaging and approachable TTRPG-style experience.”

Developed by Seed by Seed and published by Seed by Seed and Armor Games Studios

Release Date: 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Dead Static Drive

1. Dead Static Drive

Kate’s Pick

“Described as ‘Grand Theft Cthulhu,’ Dead Static Drive is a horror survival game that I really can’t wait to play! I love the retro feel and the nostalgic creatures, which remind me of my favorite older movies like Tremors and War of the Worlds. I also love any and all games with car/generator repair mechanics!”

Developed and published by Reuben

Release Date: 2024

10 most anticipated indie games of 2024 - Sopa

Top Pick: Sopa

Kate and Emily’s Pick

Kate: “I’m so ready for ‘The Little Prince-like’ to be its own genre. This narrative adventure looks absolutely touching. As a Mexican American with beloved memories of cooking with my grandma, this one is going to hit home for sure!”

Emily: “The trailer for Sopa had me tearing up almost instantly. Everything about this game, from the music to the character design and the story, looks so heartfelt. I can already tell this is going to be a really special and impactful game.”

Developed and published by Studio Bando

Release Date: Q2 2024

What are your most anticipated indie games of 2024?

Like we mentioned up top, it was near impossible to reduce this list down to just 10 (ok, 11) picks for the year!

Did we leave something out that is on your top 10 list? (yes, we know Hades II isn’t here, and we do feel a little bad about it) We’d love to hear YOUR most anticipated indie titles of the year too!! Let us know on Twitter what your top picks are!

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