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No Small Games is an indie game recap and review podcast brought to you by hosts Kate and Emily! They became friends while streaming on Twitch and bonded over their love of indie video games. In each episode of No Small Games, the two will discuss an indie game they both played independently. They’ll compare their experiences: the good, the bad, their most memorable moments of their playthroughs.

Kate – Host

Favorite Indie Game: Firewatch

Favorite Game Genre: Dating Sim

Kate is a theatre professional focusing on stage management and sound design. Kate discovered video games in March 2020 when the world shut down and now has a deep passion for exploring the artistic elements of indie games. She loves all things musical, comedy, horror, and spends free time studying astrology and enjoying the outdoors.

No Small Games Host - Emily

Emily – Host

Favorite Indie Game: BIT.TRIP RUNNER

Favorite Game Genre: Simulation

Emily (aka Egg) is a software engineer who works for a technical consulting firm in California. She has a lifelong love of video games, beginning when she was just 5 years old, playing computer games on her parents’ work computer. In addition to games and coding, she also loves gardening, playing with her dog and, of course, listening to podcasts!

Claudia – Audio Engineer

Claudia currently works AV integration as a Field Engineer, has a background in technical theater and live production. This tea lover is a big fan of concerts and live music. Has never been known to say no to pizza, and collects magnets and stickers. Send me your audio questions!

We hope you love listening to No Small Games!! Have an idea for the show or a game you would to hear Kate and Emily discuss? Contact us and let us know!