5 Games Like Spiritfarer

5 indie games to play if you like Spiritfarer

If you’ve played this cozy narrative farming sim about death, then you already know there really are no other games exactly like Spiritfarer. There’s so much to this game: even if you only look at the resource management or farming sim aspects, there are so many mini games, so many locations, so many resources to collect. Not to mention, the game’s story is touching, impactful and, at times, heart wrenching.

Although there is no game quite like it, there are plenty of fun and meaningful indie games that we think you’ll love, that share some of the same characteristics of Spiritfarer.

5. If you loved getting to know the animal passengers in Spiritfarer…


Beacon Pines

Were you enchanted by the character design of the anthropomorphic animal spirits who accompanied you on your ship in Spiritfarer? If so, you will probably also be delighted by the cast of characters in Beacon Pines. This choices-matter narrative adventure follows main character Luka and his friends, Rolo and Beck, as they discover the dark secrets beneath the surface of their quaint town.

The game’s story will lead you on many twists, turns and big surprises, but also includes many touching moments. We even shed a few tears in our playthroughs.

Platforms: Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, itch.io

You can learn more about Beacon Pines in our review, featured in Episode 2 of No Small Games.

4. If you loved the resource gathering and crafting…


Mineko’s Night Market

Spiritfarer features a huge variety of mini-games to learn and enjoy, to do everything from collecting and refining resources, to cooking and fishing, and more. Similarly, Mineko’s Night Market is chock-full of mini-games and also includes many different types of resources to gather and use for crafting. Both games are life/management sims, so they also share many common systems and mechanics.

In Mineko’s Night Market, you play as a young girl (Mineko) who has moved with her dad to a down-and-out village and must work together with her new friends and neighbors to restore the local night market.

Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

You can learn more about Mineko’s Night Market in our review, featured in Episode 15 of No Small Games.

3. If you loved the moving story in Spiritfarer and just want to cry some more…


What Remains of Edith Finch

We’ll confess, Spiritfarer hit us right in the feels and, at times, had us absolutely balling our eyes out. If you found the spirits’ personal journeys to be deeply touching and you want more tales about death, life and everything in between, you’ll want to check out Giant Sparrow and Annapurna Interactive’s game, What Remains of Edith Finch. In this game, you play as Edith, a young woman returning to her family home after many years away.

As she explores the abandoned house, Edith reflects on her family’s “curse” and relives various memories of her relatives’ passing away, often in tragic ways. We won’t say too much more, because this game is best experienced for the first time with totally fresh eyes. We can tell you its impact will stay with you long after the game ends.

Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

2. If you loved the resource management and decorating your ship…


Bear and Breakfast

If most of your Spiritfarer playtime was spent rearranging the layout of your boat, managing your resources and planning your upgrades, you are going to go wild (pun intended) for Bear and Breakfast, developed by Gummy Cat. In this cozy management sim, you play as Hank, a sweet-but-gullible bear with aspirations to run a chain of B&B’s. Over the course of the game, you unlock several properties that you get to design, lay out and decorate to your heart’s desire.

Like Spiritfarer, Bear and Breakfast doesn’t punish you for going at your own pace. The ability to stay up all night without consequence takes the pressure off each day’s game loop. We think you’ll love this game if you’re looking for a management sim that is both chill and addictive.

Platforms: PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC

1. If you loved connecting with your passengers by cooking for them…


Coffee Talk

We firmly believe that food is a love language. If you loved growing closer to your spirit companions by cooking for them, you will be delighted by Coffee Talk. Coffee Talk, by Toge Productions, takes places in a modern world, much like our own, inhabited by magical creatures who live alongside humans. You play as the owner and barista of a late night coffee shop, providing hot drinks while listening to your customers’ life stories and woes.

Overall, the gameplay is 80% visual novel, 20% barista sim, and 100% cozy vibes. The lofi soundtrack and audio engineering are immersive and soothing. We dare you not to get swept away with these complex and compelling characters.

Platforms: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

You can learn more about Coffee Talk I & II in our review, featured in Episode 13 of No Small Games.

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