Experience the tug of nostalgia but be careful, sinister truths await you in the hearts of the analog devices in Stories Untold…

Developed by No Code and published by Devolver Digital, Stories Untold is an experimental narrative-driven horror game, told over the course of 4 distinct episodes.

Stories Untold Episodes

In The House Abandon, you play through a retro 80s-style text-based adventure game, exploring a family’s empty vacation home… until things take a dark turn. In episode 2, The Lab Conduct, the player must navigate an intricate setup of lab equipment and technical manuals to perform a series of experiments. But on what are you experimenting and what do the anonymous voices on the intercom want to learn from it? Episode 3, The Station Process, takes the player to a remote arctic outpost in Greenland where you receive and decode cryptic and increasingly ominous radio signals. Lastly, we won’t give away any details about the climactic fourth episode, so you’ll have to play the game yourself or listen to this week’s episode!

In the sixth episode of No Small Games, Kate and Emily welcome their first ever special guest, Krysta Hope aka HopingForHorrror, to chat about and review Stories Untold. The three discuss their history with the horror genre, what their boundaries are, and what scares them the most. Join the No Small Games hosts and special guest for thoughtful discussions, lots of laughs, and Siri-induced jumpscares.

Episode Timecodes

  • Weekly Boss Battles ✦ 00:04:20
  • Stories Untold Game Review ✦ 00:30:42
  • Stories Untold Spoilers ✦ 01:19:20
  • Episode 7 Game Announcement ✦ 01:56:26

Meet our Guest

Krysta Hope (she/her)

Sun Sign: Taurus
Favorite Genre: Horror
Favorite Game: Until Dawn

Krysta Hope, your favorite final girl, is a horror content creator bringing cute and creepy vibes to your timeline! In her videos, she features horror video games, movies, TV and other media. Best of all, Krysta always brings her thoughtful and witty HopingForHorror-brand perspective to the horror space.
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In this installment, you’ll hear their game review of Stories Untold.

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