Experience postal service Zen while you contemplate the paths of life less traveled in this serene lakeside town…

In Lake, a narrative postal sim game developed and published by Whitethorn Games, you play as Meredith Weiss: a 39 year-old working in the tech industry in 1986, who has journeyed from the big city back to her hometown of Providence Oaks. Meredith is taking time off work so that her parents can go on a much needed vacation, while she covers the work at her father’s job: the United States Postal Service. Deliver mail, get to know the quirky townsfolk, and decide which of many possible futures Meredith will explore during her two weeks as a mail carrier.

In the tenth episode of No Small Games, special guest Alissa aka Catsareme joins Kate and Emily to review their experiences playing this heartfelt and relaxing game. The three share challenges in their own lives that they see mirrored in Meredith’s story, discuss the different endings they unlocked for the protagonist, and giggle over town gossip from good old Providence Oaks, Oregon.

Episode Timecodes

  • Meet our Guest – Catsareme ✦ 00:00:45
  • Weekly Boss Battles ✦ 00:25:50
  • Lake Game Discussion ✦ 00:34:20
  • Lake Spoilers ✦ 01:40:45
  • Next Episode’s Game Announcement & Wrap up ✦ 02:02:05

Meet our Guest

Catsareme aka Alissa (she/her)

Sun Sign: Taurus

Catsareme is a content creator and variety streamer by night, PhD candidate studying genetics and neuroscience by day. She plays a wide variety of games, from action adventure, to cute and cozy indie games, and even horror games. Alissa also moderates a Discord community galled Gamer Guild, which brings together content creators, viewers, gamers, and everyone in between.
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Meet our Guest - Catsareme

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In this installment, you’ll hear their game review of Lake.

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