What if the most important renewable resource in your society… was love?

Lakeburg Legacies is a social-based village management game where resource generation and progress centers around your townsfolk and their relationships. Grow your town’s population through your matchmaking prowess, optimize production with some clever career coaching, and put Lakeburg on the map!

In the eleventh episode of No Small Games, special guest Marcy aka Marcylaycelle joins Kate and Emily to review Lakeburg Legacies, while they discuss their own personal gaming journeys and dating experiences in the process. The squad share their highlights, the challenges they faced, and oodles of friendship and laughs in this episode.

Episode Timecodes

  • Meet our Guest – MarcyLaycelle ✦ 00:00:45
  • Weekly Boss Battles ✦ 00:19:35
  • Lakeburg Legacies Game Discussion ✦ 00:30:20
  • Next Episode’s Game Announcement & Wrap up ✦ 01:49:00

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Meet our Guest

MarcyLaycelle aka Marcy (she/her)

Sun Sign: Leo

Marcy is a live streamer, content creator, and small business owner. Her streams are focused on mental-health, tarot, gaming, and makeup. She runs an Etsy shop, Moonlight Wreaths, selling beautiful, handcrafted wreaths and flower crowns of her own creation. In 2023, Marcy was also featured in the United States debut of Black Girl Gamers Play or Pass.
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No Small Games is an indie game recap and review podcast brought to you by hosts Kate and Emily! They became friends while streaming on Twitch and bonded over their love of indie video games. In each episode of No Small Games, the two will discuss an indie game they both played independently. They’ll compare their experiences: the good, the bad, their most memorable moments of their playthroughs.

In this installment, you’ll hear their game review of Lakeburg Legacies.

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