You’re live on 189.16 – The Scream with Forrest Nash… and someone in town is hunting your listeners

The year is 1987 and Forrest Nash is clocking into his late-night radio slot in a sleepy town in middle America, not knowing what thrills and chills await him and his producer, Peggy. In Killer Frequency, you must use your role as radio DJ to take calls from your frightened callers who are fleeing a masked killer— the Whistling Man, and to hopefully help them escape! Luckily, the radio station is chock full of clues and helpful information that will enable you to solve the puzzles to each of their salvation, so long as you can find them.

Join Kate and Emily for episode 14 of No Small Games, in which Kate and Emily review their experiences playing the mystery horror puzzle game, Killer Frequency. The two compare notes on the puzzles they solved, discuss their favorite radio station callers in the game, and share about their own real life experiences working for local radio!

Episode Timecodes

  • Weekly Boss Battles ✦ 00:13:12
  • Killer Frequency Game Discussion ✦ 00:19:26
  • Game Ratings ✦ 01:06:20
  • Next Episode’s Game Announcement ✦ 01:10:55

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No Small Games is an indie game recap and review podcast brought to you by hosts Kate and Emily! They became friends while streaming on Twitch and bonded over their love of indie video games. In each episode of No Small Games, the two will discuss an indie game they both played independently. They’ll compare their experiences: the good, the bad, their most memorable moments of their playthroughs.

In this installment, you’ll hear their game review of Killer Frequency.

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