Hyperdrive Inn is a point-and-click adventure that takes place in the depths of an infinite hotel, with infinite rooms. Play as Aino, a young woman who is summoned to the hotel to find her father, the designer and engineer responsible for the ever-expanding inn. Each playthrough of this adventure game is unique, due to the randomization of the rooms you encounter, resulting in thousands of unique experiences. Complete with an original score inspired by Finnish folk music and graphics composed of scanned fabrics and textiles, Hyperdrive Inn will sweep you away time and time again.

In the latest No Small Games developer chat, Kate and Emily talk with Juho about his creative process and the design and development of his latest game, Hyperdrive Inn. Juho describes the facets of his career, from journalism to R&D development, that all ultimately led him to his work in game development. The three discuss his upcoming title, and the non-linear design process behind this non-linear game. We hope you love listening to his story and the work behind Hyperdrive Inn!

Meet the Game Dev

Juho Kuorikoski (he/him)
Horsefly Games

Juho is a dad, spouse, indie game developer, non-fiction author, and R&D specialist based in Kaustinen, Finland! He’s currently working on Hyperdrive Inn, the latest title from Horsefly.

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Meet the Dev - Juho Kuorikoski - Hyperdrive Inn

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In this installment, you’ll hear their interview with game dev Juho Kuorikoski of Horsefly Games, about his new game Hyperdrive Inn.

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