Trevor Hills just discovered he’s the least popular star of the most popular TV show in America… and now he hast to run for his life.

American Arcadia follows two protagonists: the unassuming everyman Trevor Hills and the clever, strategic, and mysterious Angela Solano. After a sending a series of shocking and surreptitious messages to get Trevor’s attention, Angela reveals a truth that will turn his life upside down: he is one of thousands of cast members of America’s most popular reality TV show. And now he’s in danger. Play as both Angela and Trevor as they tag-team in their daring plot to help Trevor escape from Arcadia.

Join Kate and Emily for episode 21 of No Small Games (and the start of our second spring season), as they discuss American Arcadia by Out of the Blue Games. The two chat about their favorite puzzles from the game and their reactions to the many twists and turns of the plot. Learn Emily’s recommendations for action movies for noobies to the genre, and Kate’s feelings about one town with Stepford vibes in [Redacted] state. We hope you love this latest episode!

Episode Timecodes

  • Weekly Boss Battles ✦ 00:07:18
  • American Arcadia Game Discussion ✦ 00:15:51
  • American Arcadia Spoilers ✦ 01:36:54
  • Game Ratings ✦ 02:04:12
  • Next Episode’s Game Announcement ✦ 02:09:55

Links & Shoutouts

References in American Arcadia
Check out Out of the Blue Games’ blog post discussing the many pop culture references they drew on in writing the plot and designing the world of American Arcadia.

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In this installment, you’ll hear their game review of American Arcadia.

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