PAX East 2024 was huge for No Small Games and brought about many firsts for the podcast! Not only was it the team’s first time at the expo, it was also Kate and Emily’s first time meeting in person and first live event together. And we’re bringing you along with us for our highlights from the show!

This episode is packed with our impressions of the demos we played, clips of interviews we recorded on the show floor, and deep dives with developers talking about their games. 2024 brought us a huge showing of indie games at PAX East and while we didn’t get to play them all, we are delighted and a bit overwhelmed by the number of amazing indie games and demos that we did get to try! We hope you love our PAX East 2024 recap episode.

Interested in learning about our favorite games and demos that we experienced? Check out our top 15 games we saw at PAX East.


Looking for a particular section of the episode? Check the timecodes below:

  • Overall Impressions of PAX East 2024 – 00:00:30
  • Interview – Britt Dye, formerly Chief Accessibility Officer at Whitethorn Games00:14:20
  • Interview – Hunter Bond, Co-Director of DreadXP00:26:28
  • Interview – Eric Manahan, Developer of LUCID00:39:25
  • Interview – Kyle Creamer, Developer of Littlelands00:51:48
  • Interview – Lala, Social Media Manager of Toge Productions01:16:00

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In this bonus episode, you’ll hear the hosts discuss their experiences and interviews from the show, in this PAX East 2024 recap.

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