Henry took a summer job in the wilderness to get away from his life, but he could never have guessed what he was getting himself into…

Firewatch, developed by Campo Santo, is a first-person mystery game where you play a brand new fire lookout in the wilds of Wyoming. Our main character, Henry, has left behind the rubble of his old life to pursue the solitude of the forests. His only lifeline is his boss Delilah, who he can communicate with exclusively via walkie-talkie. While he searches for himself, Henry and Delilah uncover much more than they ever expected, hidden in Shoshone National Forest.

In Episode 24 of No Small Games, special guest Jules (known online as ShinobiJules) joins Kate and Emily to review the game Firewatch. You’ll hear their takes on (and gripes with) the two main characters, their thoughts on game mechanics, and experiences navigating the (in-game) wilderness. We hope you love this episode, we’re so grateful to Jules for joining us!

Episode Timecodes

  • Meet our Guest – Jules aka ShinobiJules ✦ 00:00:30
  • Weekly Boss Battles ✦ 00:15:00
  • Firewatch Discussion ✦ 00:21:50
  • Firewatch Spoilers ✦ 01:32:25
  • Game Ratings ✦ 01:51:09
  • One Small Thing ✦ 01:59:35
  • Next Episode’s Game Announcement ✦ 02:04:45

Meet our Guest

Jules (she/her)

Jules is a variety streamer who loves cozy, horror, and indie games. She is a big fan of anime, manga, drawing, and her cat, Marble. A Stardew Valley icon, Jules has cultivated an immaculate farm, which you can check out on her streams. Mostly recently, she streamed indie games like Moonstone Island, This Bed We Made and Crow Country.
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Meet our Guest - ShinobiJules

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In this installment, you’ll hear their game review of Firewatch.

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