NSG - 2024 Women-led Games Showcase

Our 9 favorite highlights from the 2024 Women-led Games Showcase

The 2024 Women-led Games Showcase was a highlight of Summer Game Fest this year. In addition to bringing us fun, innovative gaming experiences, we treasure indie games for their focus on diversity, both in the content of their games and in the industry at large. We loved seeing the hard work of women game devs and women-led teams highlighted in this showcase.

We had an amazing time watching (and co-streaming) the 2024 Women-led Games Showcase, and if you have the time, we highly recommend you watch the full event. But if, like us, you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the amazing game announcements coming out this summer, we’ve selected 9 highlights from the showcase that you won’t want to miss!

NSG - Women Led Games - Woodo

1. Woodo

Emily’s Pick

“We unfortunately did not get to play the demo at Pax East this year because the booth was just so dang packed!! It was wild. I think people were waiting in line for upwards of an hour to to play the demo. So I’m very excited for it. It looks very cozy, like just a total vibe. You’re putting together these little figurines made of wood and putting the right piece in place. It seems very zen, very relaxing, very cute.”


Developer: Yullia Prohorova, Timur Bogotov
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment, Yullia Prohorova
Release Date: TBA

NSG - Women Led Games - Urban Jungle

2. Urban Jungle

Kate’s Pick

“This just looks great. It looks really bright. You’re moving around plants and interior decorating. You’re placing plants around in different locations, in various apartments. Just like Unpacking, it tells the story of this one character’s life through the places they live and the plants that they wind up cultivating and growing in those spaces. It was a really sweet demo. It is. It’s like kind of puzzly in the way that Unpacking is a little puzzly. and so it’s very rewarding.”


Developer: Kylyk Games
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment
Release Date: 2024

NSG - Women Led Games - Mexico 1921

3. México, 1921: A Deep Slumber

Emily’s Pick

“This is a mystery game, an investigation game where you are playing as a reporter. In 1921, in Mexico, during the Centenario celebration. There’s a plot to assassinate the president of Mexico, and you’re on the case. One of the cool things that stood out to me from the trailer was finding out that they actually worked with some national archiving organizations, and museums in Mexico, to scan and recreate real artifacts from the time period. So some of the things that you’re able to pick up and examine are really real pamphlets or other kinds of artifacts from about 100 years ago, which is really neat.”


Developer: Mácula Interactive
Publisher: Mácula Interactive
Release Date: 2024

NSG - Women Led Games - Phoenix Springs

4. Phoenix Springs

Kate’s Pick

“This just looks so beautiful to me. It’s got this almost noir style to it. It’s a mystery game where you are trying to find your brother, I believe. But the the things that stood out to me most were the voice acting and the visuals. It just looked totally stunning. It’s got more of a limited color palette and art style. It just looked like a total vibe and in a way that really stood out to me.”


Developer: Calligram Studio
Publisher: Calligram Studio
Release Date: September 16, 2024

NSG - Women Led Games - Albert Wilde Quantum PI

5. Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I.

Emily’s Pick

“This is a neo noir story, featuring a detective who has a human body and a cat head. I get the impression this is another anthropomorphic animals situation. But it also has a really distinctive noir style to it. And I love an investigation game. I love a mystery. And anything that’s kind of weird, so I’m immediately intrigued.”


Developer: Beyondthosehills
Publisher: Beyondthosehills
Release Date: TBA

NSG - Women Led Games - The Star Named Eos

6. The Star Named EOS

Kate’s Pick

“This one caught my eye quite a while ago. It’s a whimsical little photography puzzle game. It reminds me of Assemble with Care, Projected Dreams, it also looks a little bit like Simpler Times, too. So, right up my alley. I’m very curious to play the full game when it comes out. And I think I’ve seen it featured in a few showcases at this point.”


Developer: Silver Lining Studio
Publisher: Silver Lining Studio, Playism, Active Gaming Media
Release Date: Jul 23, 2024

NSG - Women Led Games - Soulitaire

7. Soulitaire

Emily’s Pick

“This game follows a theme I’ve been talking about lately, where games are taking a mobile game or casual game genre or gameplay and incorporating it into a broader standalone title with more of a narrative. So the idea here is, you are a psychic medium that people are coming to for answers about their life. They have questions that they would like you to answer, and you read your cards to tell them what is in store for them. Except that your cards are not tarot cards. You’re playing solitaire to see their future, which I think is such a hysterical concept. I think it’s going to have a Coffee Talk-style narrative where you’re exploring these people’s lives. Look, I love a game of Klondike, so I think it’s going to be really clever. I’m excited to check it out.”


Developer: Beardshaker Games
Publisher: Beardshaker Games
Release Date: TBA

NSG - Women Led Games - Just Crow Things

8. Just Crow Things

Kate’s Pick

“I just love crows. I think they’re a really cool, smart bird. And this is giving a little bit of Little Kitty, Big City, Untitled Goose Game vibes, where you’re a crow causing a little bit of chaos. I think that the art style did it for me. I was a little bit more intrigued because of the aesthetic, and also the concept of being able to fly and jump around as a crow. I was happy to see more from this game.”


Developer: Unbound Creations
Publisher: Unbound Creations
Release Date: TBA

NSG - Women Led Games - Hyde's Haunt and Seek

9. Hyde’s Haunt & Seek

Emily’s Pick

“This seems to be a co-op/PvP paranormal game where at least some of the players are ghosts and you’re trying to hide and possess things. And you’re trying to find each other. And I think there are some horror elements, too. But mainly it just looks wacky. And the trailer was musical! There was a barbershop quartet singing at me in the trailer. There was a lot going on. It was very theater-kid coded. It looks intriguing. And I’ve already got people saying, ‘hey, I want to play this with you when it comes out.'”


Developer: Smol Games
Publisher: Smol Games, Daedalic Entertainment
Release Date: TBA

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