It’s time for yet another b-b-b-b-bonus episode!! Nintendo held their second Indie World Showcase of 2023 on November 14, featuring over a dozen announcements about new and upcoming indie games coming to the Switch. In this bonus episode, Kate and Emily discuss these updates, comparing which of the Switch releases they are most looking forward to and which trailers they found the most captivating. Did Emily correctly guess the games that Kate was most looking forward to? Did Kate identify the “Emily games” among the list of featured titles? Were there any immediate must haves that the two absolutely HAD to buy? Find out in this special bonus episode of No Small Games!


Looking for the hosts’ reaction to a certain game announcement? Check the timecodes below:

  • Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution – 00:05:20
  • Core Keeper – 00:08:10
  • On Your Tail – 00:09:45
  • Howl – 00:12:35
  • The Star Named EOS – 00:14:25
  • Backpack Hero – 00:17:00
  • Blade Chimera – 00:18:45
  • A Highland Song – 00:20:20
  • Moonstone Island  – 00:23:10
  • Death Trick: Double Blind – 00:25:50
  • Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition – 00:28:20
  • Enjoy the Diner – 00:34:50
  • Heavenly Bodies – 00:37:31
  • The Gecko Gods – 00:37:50
  • Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist – 00:38:50
  • Urban Myth Dissolution Center – 00:40:35
  • Braid: Anniversary Edition – 00:41:50

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No Small Games is an indie game recap and review podcast brought to you by hosts Kate and Emily! They became friends while streaming on Twitch and bonded over their love of indie video games. In each episode of No Small Games, the two will discuss an indie game they both played independently. They’ll compare their experiences: the good, the bad, their most memorable moments of their playthroughs.

In this bonus episode, you’ll hear the hosts recap the November 14 Nintendo Indie World Showcase.

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