Ho ho ho!! Santa came early this holiday season and he (or she) is brining us indie games!

Buckle up for a very special holiday episode of No Small Games!! Kate and Emily are joined for the first ever Secret Santa Games, by guests Bo_Po and DiscoCola, the co-hosts of the indie game podcast Underplayed. The four got together for a festive Secret Santa event where all the gifts were indie games! This event riffs on the Underplayed segment “Secret Games” in which the hosts each play a game in secret and reveal it along with their review of the game.

In the very first Secret Santa Games, each of the four co-hosts was paired up in secret with someone else in the group and gifted them an indie game of their choosing! In addition to this being the first holiday episode, this is also the first time No Small Games has featured four game reviews at once. We hope you enjoy this very special episode and have a happy holiday season!

Episode Timecodes

  • Meet our Guests – Bo_Po and DiscoCola from Underplayed ✦ 00:00:53
  • Holiday Questionals ✦ 00:14:01
  • Weekly Boss Battles ✦ 00:29:45
  • What is Secret Santa Games? ✦ 00:35:30
  • DiscoCola’s Secret Santa Game ✦ 00:39:07
  • Kate’s Secret Santa Game ✦ 01:03:09
  • Bo_Po’s Secret Santa Game ✦ 01:33:19
  • Emily’s Secret Santa Game ✦ 01:56:55
  • Plugs!! ✦ 02:37:26
  • Next Episode’s Game Announcement ✦ 02:41:28

Meet our Guests

Underplayed Podcast

On Underplayed, Bo_Po and DiscoCola review indie games of all kinds—the games with small budgets but big hearts, the lesser-known experiences with imaginative ideas. A typical episode has two main segments: first, they each reveal and review a game they’ve been playing in secret; then, they have an in-depth discussion on a prestigious title within the indie landscape.
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No Small Games - Holiday Episode Guest Intro - Underplayed
No Small Games – Guest Intro – Underplayed

Bo_Po loves games featuring platforming, puzzles, and inventive storytelling. You can catch him streaming games of all kinds on twitch at bo__po (two underscores!)
Check out Bo_Po on the following platforms:
Twitter | Twitch | GG App


In addition to indie games, DiscoCola is a huge fan of Digimon and Mega Man games. You can catch him streaming indie games for Underplayed on twitch at DiscoCola.
Check out DiscoCola on the following platforms:
Twitter | Twitch | GG App

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No Small Games is an indie game recap and review podcast brought to you by hosts Kate and Emily! They became friends while streaming on Twitch and bonded over their love of indie video games. In each episode of No Small Games, the two will discuss an indie game they both played independently. They’ll compare their experiences: the good, the bad, their most memorable moments of their playthroughs.

In this installment, you’ll hear their first holiday episode: Secret Santa Games, featuring Bo_Po and DiscoCola, the co-hosts of Underplayed.

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