Starting fresh can be hard to do, especially when your past keeps popping back up to fight you…

In Thirsty Suitors, developed by Outerloop Games and published by Annapurna Interactive, you play as Jala, a young woman returning to her hometown for the first time in years. Jala is intent on moving forward after a recent big breakup, but first must rebuild the many past relationships she left in the rubble when she left home. Thirsty Suitors has many facets: skateboarding, cooking, choices-matter dialogue, turn-based RPG combat… but first and foremost it’s a breakup simulator! Help Jala face down her 6 exes and find a way to move forward.

Join Kate and Emily for episode 20 of No Small Games, in which Kate and Emily review their experiences playing Thirsty Suitors. This one has a ton of banter and personal anecdotes, folks! In addition to their thoughts on the game, the two reminisce about their own exes and past relationships. We hope you love this very special (and very thirsty) episode!

Episode Timecodes

  • Weekly Boss Battles ✦ 00:10:20
  • Thirsty Suitors Game Discussion ✦ 00:18:13
  • Thirsty Suitors Spoilers ✦ 01:21:25-01:34:42
  • Game Ratings ✦ 01:46:30
  • Next Episode’s Game Announcement ✦ 01:49:34

Links & Shoutouts

Emily is going to be a guest on the fantastic podcast called Would the Gays Lie to You?! hosted by Britva and Austin (@britva_games and @austintation on Twitch).

This episode will be recorded live on Britva’s twitch channel and will be available later on podcast platforms. Come watch Emily on Would the Gays Lie to You?! on Sunday, February 11 at 12pm PST at

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In this installment, you’ll hear their game review of Thirsty Suitors.

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