Welcome back to the NSG Indie Game Roundup, our monthly series featuring indie games news, plus game demo and new release discussions.

Our second installment of Indie Game Roundup was a whirlwind and so was the month of June! This month we’re discussing Steam Next Fest, which took place from June 10-17 and featured over 1800 game demos. Next Fest is one of our favorite events of the year and we covered a lot of ground, playing a total of over 50 demos between us. We’re excited to share our highlights and favorite demos from the event!

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Featured Indie Game Demos

Emily’s Favorite Demos

  • Grunn – Sokpop Collective
  • Tiny Bookshop – neoludic games
  • I Am Your Beast – Strange Scaffold
  • Afterlove EP – Pikselnesia
  • Fowl Damage – May Gardens, Red Nexus Games Inc.
  • Crab God – Chaos Theory Games
  • Vampire Therapist – Little Bat Games
  • Dungeons & Degenerate Gamblers – Purple Moss Collectors
  • Selfloss – Goodwin Games

Kate’s Favorite Demos

  • ODDADA – Sven Ahlgrimm, Mathilde Hoffmann
  • Building Relationships – Tan Ant Games
  • What the Car – Triband
  • A Last Song – Anomalie Studio
  • Galaxy Burger – Galactic Workshop
  • Dungeon Clawler – Stray Fawn Studio
  • Super Farming Boy – LemonChili Soft
  • Pine: A Story of Loss – Made Up Games
  • Urban Jungle – Kylyk Games

Other Notable Demos

  • Hyperdrive Inn – Horsefly Games
  • The Crush House – Nerial
  • The Vigilante Diaries – Out of the Blue Games
  • LOK Digital – Letibus Design, Icedrop Games
  • Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus – Squid Shock Studios, Christopher Stair, Trevor Youngquist
  • Ova Magica – Skinny Frog, ClaudiaTheDev
  • Gourdlets – AuntyGames
  • Isle of Swaps – Fuzz Force
  • Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop – Beard Envy
  • Mexico, 1921 – Mácula Interactive
  • Monterona – Slava Korolev
  • Hidden in my Paradise – Ogre Pixel
  • Under Canopies – Novemtails
  • Camper Van: Make it Home – Malapata Studio

Featured Indie Games

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