Happy Pride Month!!

No Small Games is celebrating Pride by sharing some of our favorite indie games featuring LGBTQIA+ stories and characters. Indie video games and their developers are uniquely positioned to be able to tell stories that are too frequently left out of the mainstream, and to tell them in authentic ways. Kate and Emily shared their picks for 5 categories including: Favorite Game with a Queer Protagonist, Favorite Game with a Queer Storyline, and Favorite Game with Gay Parents.

After recapping their favorite indie games for Pride month, our hosts review the demo of the upcoming arcade-style action roguelike Quiver Quarrel, developed by Cheeky Lions.


Looking for the hosts’ picks for certain categories in their Pride Month favorites? Jump to the timecodes below to hear their choices:

  • Intro & Catching up – 00:00:35
  • Favorite Game with a Queer Protagonist – 00:11:11
  • Favorite Game where You Can Choose to be Gay – 00:18:30
  • Favorite Game with Gay Parents – 00:25:45
  • Favorite Game with a Queer Storyline – 00:32:50
  • Games with LGBTQIA+ Themes That We haven’t Played yet00:41:45
  • Review of Quiver Quarrel Demo – 00:46:30
Quiver Quarrel Demo

You can play the demo of the arcade-style action roguelike Quiver Quarrel for free on Steam!

“Guide five knights across increasingly treacherous terrain and through hordes of deadly monsters to save the royal children from marauding aliens, collecting as much precious goldfish as you can along the way.”

Quiver Quarrel is in development by Cheeky Lions.

Check out Quiver Quarrel Demo

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In this bonus episode, you’ll hear the hosts share their picks for 5 categories of indie games featuring LGBTQIA+ stories and characters.

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